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  • National NAACP bucks CA chapter, backs tobacco tax initiative
  • NAACP's Huffman assailed for tobacco, telecom payments
  • Schwarzenegger targets the 'ElimiDate Voter'
  • Legislators tap Sacramento interests for campaign cash
  • New York developer's eminent-domain crusade comes to California
  • Schwarzenegger's election-year olive branches
  • Dems, Gov. tapped same spots for campaign cash
  • Schwarzenegger has a special interest in Capitol-area money
  • Schwarzenegger's million-dollar woman
  • The kings and queens of the California political quotation
  • All about Phil: Angelides is strategist in own campaign
  • "Women of the year" married to men of Legislature
  • With new law, chase for campaign cash becomes family affair
  • High school student gives governor $44,600
  • Going to interview with CTA? Be sure to look into the camera
  • David Crane: Arnold's other Democratic adviser
  • The rise of the blogs: How the GOP uses the Web to organize

  • 1A: 76.9-23.1
    1B: 61.3-38.7
    1C: 57.4-42.6
    1D: 56.6-43.4
    1E: 64-36
    83: 70.6-29.4
    84: 53.7-46.3
    85: 45.9-54.1
    86: 48-52
    87: 45.2-54.8
    88: 23-77
    89: 25.5-74.5
    90: 47.6-52.4

    U.S. Sen.
    Feinstein 59.7
    Mountjoy 34.9
    Schwarzenegger 55.8
    Angelides 39.2
    Lt. Gov
    Garamendi 49.5
    McClintock 44.9
    Atty. Gen.
    Brown 56.7
    Poochigian 37.9
    Sec. of state
    Bowen 48.5
    McPherson 44.7
    Lockyer 54.8
    Parrish 37
    Chiang 50.9
    Strickland 40.1
    Insur. Comm.
    Poizner 50.7
    Bustamante 38.9

    For complete election results click here.

    Angelides 48.2
    Westly 43.1
    Lt. Gov
    Garamendi 42.9
    Speier 39.3
    Figueroa 17.8
    Atty. Gen.
    Brown 63.2
    Delgadillo 36.8
    Sec. of state
    Bowen 61.1
    Ortiz 38.9
    Parrish 56.4
    Richman 43.6
    Democratic primary
    Chiang 53.4
    Dunn 46.6
    Republican primary
    Strickland 40.9
    Maldonado 36.9
    Insur. Comm.
    Bustamante 70.5
    Kraft 29.5
    Supt. of Schools
    O'Connell 52.5, avoids run-off

    For complete election results click here.

    73: 47.4-52.6
    74: 45-55
    75: 46.6-53.4
    76: 38-62
    77: 40.5-59.5
    78: 41.5-58.5
    79: 38.9-61.1
    80: 34.3-65.7

    For complete election results click here.

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    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Pombo race a toss-up

    The Chronicle blog has the story.

    Arnold goes No on 90

    That's what Jon Fleischman is reporting.

    Clinton returns

    Former President Bill Clinton returns to California to campaign tomorrow for Proposition 87, the oil-tax measure. He will be joined by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

    A critic of Prop. 83

    Dan Weintraub has throw his hat into the small ring of critics of Jessica's Law, aka Proposition 83 on the November ballot.

    Are there better ideas? Well, California already has a residency ban that applies to sex offenders convicted of crimes against children, and even uses GPS tracking in selected cases. Doing more to keep truly dangerous sex offenders behind bars -- where they don't need to be monitored with GPS -- would be better. And educating parents to be mindful of the people with whom they leave their children would probably be the most effective deterrent of all.

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    Bada Bing

    Steve Bing chipped another $6 million into the effort to pass Proposition 87. That brings his spending to an amazing $49.5 million.

    No hable Bustamante

    The state's largest Spanish-language newspaper, La Opinion, has endorsed GOP nominee Steve Poizner over Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante in the race for insurance commissioner.

    Bustamante is the only Latino on the statewide ballot.

    Dunn to head CMA

    The California Medical Association has picked a lawyer, termed-out state Sen. Joe Dunn to be its next CEO. John Howard has the story.

    Getting Intuit

    In my 35 years in politics, including 10 years in Washington, DC, working for an administration and then the biggest business PAC in the country, if this isn't the most blatant and brazen attempt by a single company to shut down a worthy government program and punish its advocates due solely to their own selfish pecuniary interests, then I don't know what it is.

    --Garrry South on Intuit's independent expenditure in the state controller's race.

    Where they are

    Schwarzenegger: State-sponsored speech at Ronald Reagan library and then a trip to the pumpkin patch

    Angelides: Joins Senator John Kerry, Senator Barbara Boxer, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez for education town hall in Pasadena. In the evening phone banks with SF Mayor Gavin Newsom in San Francisco.

    Notable Quotable

    This from Steve Maviglio in yesterday's SF Chronicle:

    "There are only two times in Sacramento that you need Republican legislators,'' he said. "Once when you pass the budget and once for the legislative softball game.''

    Friday, October 27, 2006

    CA Candidates: Red to Blue

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which prioritizes which Democratic candidates receive national support, has added three California races to its list today.

    The candidates are Francine Busby, Jerry McNerney and Charlie Brown.

    Dems raise efforts in AD 80

    Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, R-Cathedral City, looks increasingly like the most-targeted Republican this election cycle.

    Today, the Democratic Party asked the attorney general and the FPPC to investigate coordination between an pro-Garcia independent expenditure, which recently sent out a Jessica's Law mailer, and a press conference she is holding today on the same topic.

    That event comes after the party has helped direct money into the race and launched a mailer and TV ad campaign criticizing Garcia's recent comments that she wouldn't throw the governor out of her bed.

    The Bee has more on the attention-grabbing Garcia.

    More stars for 87

    There are once again more Hollywood stars campaigning for Proposition 87, the oil-tax measure bankrolled by real estate heir and Hollywood producer Steve Bing.

    Today it's Ben Affleck and Selma Hayeck appearing alongside Illinois Sen. Barak Obama.

    Robert Salladay call them the unstoppable force of Bensalmaboma.

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Tribes spend almost $100k for Assembly GOPers

    For months the whispers around Sacramento were that those Indian tribes whose compacts were killed in the state Assembly at the end of session were unhappy with the Democratic leadership and intended to express that unhappiness come Election Day.

    Well, yesterday Team 2006, the coalition of tribes that is spending $1 million to help GOPer Tony Strickland in his race for state controller has spent $100,000 on mailers for two GOP Assembly incumbents.

    The committee reported spending $72,000 yesterday for Assemblyman Guy Houston and $24,000 for Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, who was the author of some of the gaming-expansion compacts.

    They pick 'em, you eat 'em

    Since most readers of this blog are from the Sacramento area, I thought I would include the results of the California Restaurant Association's recent awards dinner. And the envelope please:

    Restaurateur of the Year
    Mark Bruemmer of Outback Steakhouse
    Best New Restaurant
    Taro's by Mikuni
    Best Bakery
    Freeport Bakery
    Best Bar/Brewery
    Brew It Up
    Best Barbecue
    JR's Texas Bar-B-Que
    Best Café/Coffeehouse
    Peet's Coffee & Tea
    Best Casino Dining
    Austin's Steakhouse at Thunder Valley
    Best Catering
    JR's Texas Bar-B-Que
    Best Chinese
    Frank Fat's
    Best Delicatessen
    David Berkley
    Best Family/Casual Restaurant
    Brookfields Restaurant
    Best Fast Food
    In-N-Out Burger
    Best Fine Dining
    Best French
    La Provence
    Best Hotel Restaurant
    Dawson's - The Hyatt
    Best Ice Cream or Yogurt
    Cold Stone Creamery
    Best Italian
    Best Japanese/Sushi
    Best Mediterranean
    The Greek Village Inn
    Best Mexican/Southwestern
    Centro Cocina Mexicana
    Best Middle-Eastern
    The Kabob House
    Best Pacific Rim
    Lemon Grass Restaurant
    Best Pizza
    Chicago Fire
    Best Seafood
    Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar
    Best Sports Restaurant
    Mandango's Sports Bar & Grill
    Best Steakhouse
    Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

    PPIC: The bonds

    Here's the info on the bonds:

    Prop. 1B (Transportation-$19.9b)
    Yes: 51%
    No: 38%

    Prop. 1C (Housing-$2.8b)
    Yes: 56%
    No: 34%

    Prop. 1D (Education-$10.4b)
    Yes: 51%
    No: 39%

    Prop. 1E (Levees/Flood-$4.09b)
    Yes: 53%
    No: 36%

    Prop. 84 (Water/Parks-$5.4b)
    Yes: 42%
    No: 43%

    PPIC: Schwarzenegger up by 18

    You can find the poll here.

    Some highlights from the PPIC:

    Among likely voters, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lead over his Democratic challenger, State Treasurer Phil Angelides, increased one percentage point to 18 points, 48% to 30%, with 13% undecided. Schwarzenegger continues to pull much greater support from Republicans (86%) than Angelides does from Democrats (57%).

    Likely voters continue to name immigration (21%) and education (19%) as the issues they most want the candidates for governor to discuss, followed by the state budget and taxes (10%), and jobs and the economy (7%). But most voters (60%), and at least half of Democrats (67%), Republicans (50%), and independents (60%), say they are dissatisfied with the attention that the gubernatorial candidates are giving to the issues.

    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Winners circle?

    Three of the Democrats considered most-likely to win by political analysts are all hosting an Election Night party in San Francisco: Dianne Feinstein, Bill Lockyer and Jerry Brown.

    Licensed to give

    Now that Gov. Schwarzenegger has a motorcycle license, the California Motorcycle Dealers Association Pac gave the governor $20,000 yesterday.

    Lt. Gov. and controller

    These are the hot races of the moment. In the controller's race, as the Times reported, Intuit and Indian gaming tribes have both launched independent expenditure campaigns supporting Tony Strickland. The first ad buy from the tribes comes out to $917,000. And Intuit has deposited $1 million into a new political account.

    As for the lieutenant governor's race, it is getting an increasing amount of attention from both moneyed interests and political insiders.

    A Prius and towncars

    Matier and Ross say how Al Gore arrived at a Berkeley rally for Prop 87 on Monday.

    Al's green ride: Former Vice President Al Gore made quite an ecostatement rolling up to that "Yes on 87" rally in Berkeley a couple of days back in a gas-sipping Toyota Prius.

    But considering that Gore's staff rode into Berkeley in two Lincoln Town Cars, we're not sure how much gas was saved in the end.

    Not that it mattered -- the crowd loved him."

    Also endorsing the measure today is Robert Redford. That comes on top of Gore, Clinton, and Julia Roberts, in recent weeks. Steve Bing, longtime Democratic financier and Hollywood figure, is backrolling the campaign.

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Courage Campaign to launch new ad

    It's a funny ad against Prop. 85 and Prop. 90. Check it out here. It is scheduled to air on cable in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento on Tuesday, according to the campaign.

    Infrastructure Internal Numbers

    The campaign for the five-part bond package have released their latest internal polling numbers today. It shows all five hovering at or above 50 percent with two weeks to go:

    1A: 56 Yes 21 No 23 Undecided

    1B: 50 Yes 36 No 14 Undecided

    1C: 54 Yes 32 No 15 Undecided

    1D: 52 Yes 34 No 14 Undecided

    1E: 55 Yes 31 No 15 Undecided

    "The Most Evil Ballot Measure for the Environment California Has Seen"

    So says the Sierra Club about Proposition 90

    All but the Guardian

    Tucked into the AP story about Angelides' campaign this morning were two rough paragraphs:

    Except for the weekly San Francisco Bay Guardian, every English-language newspaper that has offered an opinion has endorsed the governor.

    On Sunday, La Opinion, the leading Spanish-language daily newspaper in the United States, endorsed Angelides and blasted Schwarzenegger for policies that "foster resentment against undocumented immigrants, feeding negative passions."

    New in CW 10.23.06

    National NAACP bucks CA chapter, backs tobacco tax initiative

    The national NAACP this weekend endorsed the tobacco tax on California's November ballot, putting the national branch at odds with the state arm of the NAACP and its president Alice Huffman.

    The vote, which took place at the national board's meeting in St. Louis, Mo. comes less than two weeks after Capitol Weekly reported that Huffman's political consulting firm, A.C. Public Affairs, had received $100,000 from cigarette-maker Philip Morris at the same time the California NAACP was opposing the new cigarette tax.

    "From our earliest days, the health status of African-Americans has been a major NAACP concern. Proposition 86 will be a great step toward that goal," said Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP's board of directors, in a statement after the vote...

    Read the rest here.

    Weekend Roundup

    Much has happened in California politics over the weekend:

    *Today is the last day to register to vote, according to the secretary of state.

    * Would-be Assemblyman Steve Clute has launched an aggressive TV ad in his bid to unseat Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, taking on her comment that she wouldn't throw Gov. Schwarzenegger out of her bed and linking her to resigned Congressman Foley, who sent lewd message to a congressional page. Here's the script:

    With sex scandals rocking the country -- people sick and tired of this behavior
    (visuals of Foley headlines)

    Our Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia walks into a high school classroom and says she wouldn't kick the Governor out of her bed... (headline from the Desert Sun)

    Students and parents call it "very inappropriate” and “appalling." (words on the screen)

    Bonnie Garcia thinks this is funny. Tries to change the subject. Well, it isn’t funny. She’s become a joke. Steve Clute for Assembly -- We need a change.

    *Jon Fleischman has released his voter guide. He also reportsthat Cruz Bustamante is selling--not buying--ad time.

    *And lastly tribes are preparing to spend $7 million in the last three weeks of the election.

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Morain, money and stealth bombers

    If you want a primer on all the machinations of shuffling money around before Election Day, read this story.

    DiFi to launch TV campaign

    Dianne Feinstein is set to begin airing TV ads for her campaign today.

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Getting Closer?

    The latest Zoby poll shows Gov. Schwarzenegger up over state Treasurer Phil Angelides, 47 to 39.6 percent.

    McClintock or Strickland

    Dan Schnur says the Democrats must pick their poison.

    Mountjoy files anti-illegal immigrant measure

    Former state senator Dick Mountjoy may not have much of a chance of ousting U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, but he is using the campaign to promote a ballot measure, reports fellow CWer Malcolm Maclachlan.

    Dick Mountjoy, the driving force behind Proposition 187 over a decade ago, has filed a new initiative that would limit the rights that could be granted to illegal aliens and he's using his Senate campaign against Dianne Feinstein to promote the idea.

    It also might ease the lives of staffers of Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles.

    The initiative is named after what it would bar illegal immigrants from receiving: drivers' licenses and college expenses." It would specifically prevent the Legislature from voting for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, or giving them in-state tuition for public colleges. The Legislature did both these things when it passed two Cedillo bills, SB 1162 and SB 160, respectively, in the most recent session. Both were vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    New in CW 10.19.06

    Schwarzenegger tops Davis, sets fund-raising record

    Late last month, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger climbed past former Gov. Gray Davis as the most prolific fund-raising governor in California history. Since Schwarzenegger received his first contribution in the 2003 recall election, he has corralled in more than $110 million in political donations.

    While it took Davis from 1997 until 2003 to amass a $107.3 million in contributions--which funded his two elections and a failed bid to beat back the recall--Schwarzenegger reached the figure in almost half the time, according to state records.

    Over the last three years, Schwarzenegger has pulled in more than $94,000 per day, on average. Those totals do not include the $22 million of his personal funds he has spent on political causes, or the $4.5 million he has loaned his various campaigns.

    Capitol staffers hit the phone banks

    As the evening sun bakes the Sacramento skyline, 20 Democratic staffers are abuzz on the telephone on the ninth floor of the Senator Hotel.

    "Hi, I am calling on behalf of the California Teachers Association. The teachers support Lou Correa …"

    That's about as far as most of them get before the voice on the other line interrupts--or hangs up entirely. Then they start again, making hundreds of calls until long after the sun has set.

    It's part of the Capitol tradition of legislative staffers setting aside their nights and weekends as Election Day approaches to volunteer to help elect legislators of their particular political stripe.

    Angelides, necking and mayonnaise

    Robert Salladay has the details of Phil Angelides appearance on the Adam Carolla show.

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    NY Mayor Bloomberg gives $250k to support new tax

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made a pledge of no new taxes a centerpiece of his reelection campaign in 2005, has created a political account in California, giving $250,000 in seed money to support a new tobacco-tax on the November ballot.

    The money goes to a committee, Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund, which is supporting Proposition 86, which would levy a $2.60-per pack tax on cigarettes sold in California. In an odd way, the new tax in California wouldn’t break Bloomberg’s pledge, as the tax only applies in California.

    Bloomberg is a close ally of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he met with this week in New York and hosted a fund-raiser for, but he is out of sync with California’s Republican governor. Schwarzenegger has opposed Proposition 86, and all other taxes on the November ballot.

    The $250,000 donation from Bloomberg was made last Thursday. It is not the first money Bloomberg, a billionaire who self-financed both his runs for New York mayor, has given in California. Earlier this year, he have the maximum $44,600 to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s reelection account.

    A money play against Horton?

    If you "follow the money" it sure looks like legislative Democrats are trying to target Assemblywoman Shirley Horton's seat. Her challenger, Maxine Sherard, just received $125,000 from the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Committee. Meanwhile San Diego Dems dumped in another $85,000. Also this month, the Legislative Black Coalition launched a $50,000 independent expenditure.

    Correction:The first posting here identified an IE from Indian tribes against Horton. In fact, the IE was for Horton. One of the tribal IE accounts had $800,000 in it from the Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation, and had only spent a small amount so far, mainly on Horton (another $7,000 went to Audra Strickland).

    The Prop. 90 Debate

    Evan Halper at the LA Times takes a look at Proposition 90, the eminent-domain measure.

    Backers of the $37 billion in public works bonds on the November ballot are anxious about how Californians are going to vote — but not on their own proposals.

    A measure that will appear a few notches down the ballot threatens to undermine the package hatched by the governor and Legislature to shore up levees, repair and expand freeways, and build schools and affordable housing.

    Even if voters approve the borrowing measures — Propositions 1A through 1E — proponents say infrastructure improvements could be stymied if Proposition 90 also passed. That measure, sponsored by property rights advocates, would restrict the government's ability to seize homes and businesses for development.

    Local governments, school districts, water agencies, transportation authorities and housing groups have been studying the potential effect the property rights measure would have on their ability to move ahead with projects envisioned in the public works package. Many have concluded that it would throw their plans into disarray.

    Interestingly, Prop. 90 is the only ballot measure Gov. Schwarzenegger has yet to take a public stand on, even as interest groups are saying the measure could torpedo much of his signature bond package.

    UC Regents gather

    The governing board of the UC system is gathering in Santa Cruz for the next two days to hear progress reports on the system's academic programs.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Revenues down a pinch

    The state's revenues in September were down $5 million below forecast, according to the Department of Finance, but still are up $376 million for the fiscal year.

    15 minutes and 41 seconds of fame

    That's what Phil Angelides wants on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. John Myers has the details.

    Informative new blog

    From the good folks at IGS at UC Berkeley, find it here

    Star power

    The LA Times' Michael Finnegan take a look at Gov. Schwarzenegger's star power:

    Week by week, Schwarzenegger has grown increasingly bold about using his Hollywood stardom to advance his prospects for reelection Nov. 7. He marked the fifth anniversary of 9/11 live during the season opener of ESPN's "Monday Night Football." His recent visits with the Dalai Lama and British Prime Minister Tony Blair made the front pages. He campaigned last week on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

    And this:

    As for free media coverage, Angelides has struggled from the start to draw a fraction of what Schwarzenegger routinely gets, often in high-profile venues with no tough questions. On "Monday Night Football," he appeared in the middle of a Chargers-Raiders game with a California firefighter who had been a 9/11 rescue worker.

    "These firefighters, they're just unbelievable, because you know it's the most selfless profession," Schwarzenegger said, with no probing about his political battle with firefighters last year over pension benefits. "They risk their own lives to save other lives. I make a lot of action heroes in my life, but those are the true action heroes." "Isn't that the truth?" the announcer said. "Third down and six. Pass is complete…. Gov. Schwarzenegger, it's great to see you."

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Stutzman a nonpartisan?

    Former Schwarzenegger communications director Rob Stutzman has joined a Sacramento CBS TV station as a "nonpartisan analyst". (h/t:

    This from the Bee's Ticket blog:

    Imagine our surprise when we saw that Channel 13, which usually ignores politics for wildfires and crime news, is using a political analyst.

    Imagine our extreme surprise when that analyst turned out to be Rob Stutzman (right), who until recently had been Governor Schwarzenegger's communications director and an unabashed conservative voice.

    But following Saturday's debate, Stutzman was introduced as "CBS 13's new political analyst." We kept waiting for the camera to pull back for a two-shot and show Stutzman's liberal counterpart. But no, it was just Rob.

    Says Bruno Cohen, Channel 13’s boss: “We’re aware of his background, but he’s an articulate insider into politics and we think we hit it down the middle in his commentary.”

    But you'll be shocked - shocked! - to learn that Stutzman proceeded to trash Democratic challenger Phil Angelides. Stutzman did everything short of waving pom-poms for Arnold.

    A $10,000 thanks

    The Boeing Company has donated $10,000 to Gov. Schwarzenegger about three weeks after the governor appeared at the company's Long Beach plant urging Congress and President Bush to continue to fund C-17 planes and keep the plant open.

    Down nine--and proud of it

    Phil Angelides' campaign is touting a poll by Rasmussen that shows him trailing Arnold Schwarzenegger by nine points, 49-40.

    That's a pretty big deficit weeks from Election Day. But Angelides is promoting the poll. "The latest poll in the California Governor’s race shows the race tightening as the campaign enters the final three weeks," wrote spokesman Nick Papas.

    The Angelides camp quotes Schwarzenegger strategist Matt Dowd praising Rasmussen as an accurate pollster.

    You know things are going poorly when down by nine is noteworthy.

    Weekend Roundup

    Here's a rundown of some of the best of the long weekend:

    * Bob Salladay blogs about Bonnie Garcia not wanting Schwarzenegger kicked out of her bed.

    *Matier and Ross look into Mayor Newsom's newest girlfriend.

    *Jim Sanders says political spending this year is almost $1000 per minute.

    *The Bee's new columnist Steve Wiegand takes over the Buzz column with a reference to a 17th century poet.

    *And lastly you can watch the SF Chronicle's editorial board interview Phil Angelides at 10am.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    The Leno Show

    Talk about good placement. Gov. Schwarzenegger appeared on the Leno show last night and the nurses bought an anti-Arnold, pro-Prop. 89 spot on the show.

    And guess where in ran in the Los Angeles market?

    Sandwiched between the Schwarzenegger segments.

    See for yourself here. It's about half-way through the clip.

    New Schwarzenegger ad

    The governor's campaign has released a TV spot featuring a series of "everyday Californians" looking into the camera saying they trust him.

    The politics of the ad is clear: Blunt the impact of union-backed efforts aimed to peg the governor as not trustworthy, rekindling dislike from last year's special election. Sounds like an effective strategy to me.

    NAACP's Huffman assailed for tobacco, telecom payments

    The president of the California NAACP has been paid $100,000 by a campaign account funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris at the same time that the civil-rights organization is siding with the cigarette-maker in opposing a tobacco-tax on the November ballot.

    Alice Huffman, who has served as president of the state NAACP since 1999, is also on retainer by AT&T for $12,000 per month--a fact she never disclosed to her organization--even as Huffman testified on behalf of the NAACP in support of major legislation to ease access for the phone company into the lucrative cable industry.

    The campaign payments to Huffman's political company, A.C. Public Affairs, come only a year after the firm was paid $330,000 in consulting fees by the pharmaceutical industry. In 2005, the state NAACP sided with the drug companies' position on two ballot measures.

    Those payments to Huffman, coupled with NAACP endorsements, have some activists in the African-American community wondering where exactly Huffman's consulting operation ends and the NAACP begins.

    "These are very questionable kinds of activities," says Joe Hicks, former executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the civil-rights organization founded by Martin Luther King, Jr. "That she's receiving money from industry folks and all of a sudden is carrying the water for their interests--it should raise some eyebrows."

    Meanwhile, Philip Morris, the drug industry and AT&T are three of the largest financial backers of the California NAACP. The money illuminates an ongoing debate within the black community about the increasing financial dependence of the nation's pre-eminent civil-rights organization on money from large corporate donors.

    Since her election in 1999, Huffman has transformed the California NAACP--largely on the strength of corporate money--from an officeless association to an organization with a nearly half-million-dollar annual budget.

    Read the rest of here

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    No blogging today

    Sorry folks, come back tomorrow.

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    New Pro-Angelides IE

    A group of three labor groups, calling themselves Working Californians, are launching a radio-spot independent expenditure for Phil Angelides. The account is, so far, funded by three $100,000 donations from the United Teachers of Los Angeles, IBEW Local 18 and IBEW Local 11.

    That $300,000 is not enough to make a huge push in the race, but it's worth keeping an eye on. Here's the new IE Web site. You can listen to the radio spot there.

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    It's Election Day

    Today is the first day to cast votes in the 2006 elections.

    Tribe targets Dem

    This is a good read over the weekend from Jim Miller and Michelle DeArmond at the PE.

    Two weeks after Assembly Democrats rejected a lucrative gaming deal for the Agua Caliente tribe of Palm Springs, the tribe pumped $450,000 into a Republican effort to attack a Democrat running against one of its main legislative supporters, new reports show.

    The Riverside County GOP used the Sept. 13 contribution from the tribe to launch a barrage of mailers, TV and radio ads against Democrat Steve Clute, of Indio, who is running against Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, R-Cathedral City, in the 80th Assembly District.

    Two new Schwarzenegger ads

    The governor's campaign has released two new ads following Saturday's debate:

    Here's the transcripts for "Tomorrow":

    In the years ahead, Governor Schwarzenegger will continue to prove that a booming economy and a healthy environment can go hand-in-hand. His education budget is the largest in California history, and he’s leading the way to invest $10 billion to rebuild our schools, and modernize classrooms. He’ll find solutions for affordable health care and make quality a top priority. Governor Schwarzenegger will keep moving California forward.

    and "Compare":

    Governor Schwarzenegger is moving California forward. Building schools, strengthening our infrastructure, 600,000 new jobs. Phil Angelides? He says he's committed to health care, but his position on universal coverage changed three times in just one month. Angelides says he's an environmentalist, but he's the only candidate cited by the EPA for destroying wetlands. We know the leader when we see one.

    The rap on 89

    The proponents of Proposition 89, the publicly financed campaigns initiative, are again working on earned media. The latest gambit is a Prop. 89 rap:

    t's about time for Prop. 89
    What's goin' on in Sac Town is blowin' my mind
    "Big Boys Club" by grand design
    Are leaving Californians far behind

    Cause in Sac Town - you have to pay to play
    Thanks for your vote but you just can't stay
    All you big money boys with all the big green
    Take a message: it's time to come clean


    Get up on your feet
    Proposition 89
    We're takin it to the streets
    Rise up and shine
    Send the big boys a message
    Yes on 89

    Politicians and big money power
    Are tucked away in an ivory tower
    Called the Capitol - they got it up for sale
    But they're breakin' the law and goin' to jail

    Political corruption is on the rise
    Donations are comin' in super-size
    Californians need a little bit of love
    But we can't get in to the "Big Boys Club"


    Can't get health if you don't have wealth
    Can't fix schools if we don't have tools
    Can't afford the gas, to fill up the tank
    Big Boys are takin' us to the bank

    Proposition 89 is real reform
    The corporations hate it like a lover's scorn
    They want freedom - to buy politicians
    Of course they would rather keep with tradition

    Watch the music video here, dawg.

    Gore to appear in 87

    Former VP Al Gore will appear in his first political advertisement since he ran for president in 2000. The ad, which is for Proposition 87, the oil-tax initiative, will also feature James Caan and Jaime Lee Curtis.

    Friday, October 06, 2006


    The Cal Channel has interviews with most of the statewide candidates here as part of the Free Airtime Project.

    Teachers buck union leadership

    This is an interesting story.

    The 89 campaign on TV

    Check out this e-mail from the opponents of Proposition 89, saying they do not have enough money yet to mount a TV campaign.

    A h/t to the LA Times and the the blog.

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    More big money

    Today Aera Energy contributed another $6 million to defeat Proposition 87, while Occcidental Oil threw in another $1.5 million. Meanwhile R.J. Reynolds has donated another almost $3 million to defeat Proposition 86.

    Rosenfeld for Poizner

    Dan Weintraub has the goods.

    Tribes: Campaign Rules Don't Apply

    This is, to me, the biggest story of the day.

    Tribal sovereignty trumps the state's ability to file campaign finance enforcement lawsuits, an attorney representing a Palm Springs Indian tribe argued Wednesday in front of the California Supreme Court.

    The case pitting the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians against the Fair Political Practices Commission, the state panel that oversees campaign financing and spending, questions whether federally recognized tribes should be immune from most state intervention, including lawsuits to enforce state laws.

    The state's highest court must consider whether California tribes, which have become major political donors because of a windfall of casino revenues, should be bound by campaign finance disclosure rules.

    New in CW 10.05.06

    Politics from the pulpit: Pro-85 forces use churches to organize

    Traditionally, Sundays are a quiet day on the political calendar, but for proponents of Proposition 85, the day of the Lord is often the busiest of the week.

    Backers of the November parental-notification initiative are mobilizing California's vast network of Catholic and protestant churches to get-out-the-vote among pro-life Christian voters. Less than a year after voters narrowly rejected a near-identical measure, proponents are praying that an influx of religious voters will help tip the electoral scales in their favor.

    Politics from the pulpit: Pro-85 forces use churches to organize

    Late last week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would have placed two new legislative appointees on the powerful California Transportation Commission (CTC), despite the fact that Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez claims the bill was part of the bond-package deal legislative Democrats struck with the governor.

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    Following the money

    It looks like the race to replace termed-out Assemblywoman Barbara Matthews is heating up. At least if the money pouring in is any indication.

    Today the San Diego and Sacramento Democratic Parties contributed $300,000 and $175,000 respectively to the Democrat in the race, Cathleen Galgiani.

    Feinstein calls on GOP leaders to resign

    California's U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein has issued a statement on the growing Rep. Mark Foley scandal:

    This case to me is replete with violations of the public trust and could well lead to criminal charges.

    Mr. Foley has resigned from the House of Representatives. It’s now up to law enforcement to vigorously pursue all evidence to determine whether criminal prosecution is warranted.

    With respect to the House Republican Leaders, it is clear that there was knowledge of improper, immoral, and possibly criminal behavior, and the leadership did nothing about it. That leadership should go as well.

    Covering Mr. President

    The Contra Costa Times' Lisa Vorderbrueggen blogs her experience covering President Bush's quick stop in California yesterday.

    My highlight:

    I was regretting my earlier decision to skip former Congressman Pete McCloskey's invite to a pre-Bush breakfast where he was going to feed reporters mimosas and Krispy Kreme donuts. I didn't want to lapse into a glycemic shock and no matter what you see in the movies, most reporters don't drink on the job, or at the very least, before lunch.

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    Going solo

    Looks like the Democrats are pulling out of plans to campaign with Gov. Schwarzenegger for the bond package.

    Hanretty on Phil

    On her new blog on the News10 site, GOP strategist takes on Angelides' campaign, particularly the advertising strategy.

    Since last year, Phil Angelides has been going around the state telling people he’s the “Anti-Arnold.” You might think, then, that he would contrast himself with Arnold’s greatest weaknesses among voters. If voters think the governor isn’t honest, then talk about integrity, honesty, straight talk – all the qualities that make independent voters want to support John McCain. If voters think the governor has mishandled education, then surround Angelides all the time with teachers and educators and tell voters that if elected governor, “I won’t force teachers to sue the state of California in order get the money our children deserve.” Cut to a shot of a teacher looking into the camera. “If you’ll lie to a teacher, you’ll lie to anyone.” Education and integrity, all rolled into one ad. (Okay, maybe this ad still needs a little polish, but it’s better than what they’ve got right now.)

    Heating up

    Vic Pollard has a story on the heating up campaign for Nicole Parra's Assembly seat.

    The Schwarzenegger IMs

    LA Times' blogger Bob Salladay has cooked up a hilarious exchange between Gov. Schwarzenegger and Senate leader Don Perata.

    Here's a couple highlights:

    schatzi47: fabian will be there. jealous???? lol

    tonySop45: don't ruin my mental picture.

    tonySop45: what about Phil? he needs me too.

    schatzi47: you need a massage.

    schatzi47: phil can wait! come to the roof of the Galleria. good visuals of the 405.

    tonySop45: u like Fabian better anyway.

    schatzi47: i heart u totally better. he's the speaker, but u r the president!

    schatzi47: ur global warming bill kicked butt. and those pills for seniors! killer bill.

    tonySop45: Bush is in town today. u going to be with him?

    schatzi47: who?

    schatzi47: don't i get u horny for roads and ports?

    tonySop45: it was my idea, remember? scene hog. :(

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Per diem raised

    The FlashReport's Brandon Powers says that the Assembly Rules Committee has upped per diem--the tax-free pay legislators get while working in the Capitol--from $153 to $162-a-day.

    The Calif. Nurses Association of...Maine

    The California Nurses Association reports today that the Maine State Nurses Association has voted to affiliate with the CNA, added another 1,600 nurses to their rolls.

    Last week, in a longer piece, I took a look at the nurses union, and some of its national ambitions.

    No on everything

    Adam Probolsky over at the FlashReport says the California would best be served if voters thumbed down everything on the November ballot.

    During the American Revolution our founders and indeed all the people of the colonies gave up security, property and most importantly young able bodied men who fought our war against the British.

    You might think the analogy dramatic, but it works. If we are to vote no on Proposition 83, 85 (parental consent) and 90 we will be sacrificing our property rights and indeed our unborn and sadly one could argue the security of our youth. But given the choice, I would argue the sum total of the damage the other measures would bring, I would oppose them all.

    Of course the real world ballot does not require the voters to vote a yea or nay on them as a package. So choose wisely, but if you get mixed up on which measures are good and which cause damage, just vote no on them all.

    Voters have rejected every measure put before them since 2004.

    Sabans for Schwarzenegger

    The man behind the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is now behind Arnold Schwarzenegger. Haim Saban, a Hollywood producer and media mogul has endorsed Schwarzenegger. That has already beenreported.

    But this week Saban and his wife Cheryl maxxed out in donations to the governor at $22,300 a piece.

    Saban had donated to Steve Westly in the Democratic primary, has given $5,000 to the No on 85 campaign, and another $100,000 to the No on 77 campaign, which opposed part of Schwarzenegger's special-election agenda.

    Calling the Supreme Allied Commander

    In the Sacramento area, the challenger to Rep. John Doolittle will be campaigning today with former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark.

    School bond rally

    The campaign for Proposition 1D launches today in San Francisco at George Washington High School, which proponents say will benefit from the measure. CTA President Barbara Kerr will join Jack O'Connell among other at the event.

    But, if you ask me, Washington is a poor place to launch the campaign. Why? Because it was my rival high school.


    After a long weekend, posting will resume as normal today.